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Big Blonde Booty exposes her…

Posted in news  by Carol Goldnerova

big booty :) as you can guess from her site name :) it is pretty straight… and pretty sexy I have to say… check out this very cute blonde chick with really unique round and big ass inside her personal website !!!

Watch her trailer right HERE



Respond to my glory hole video

Posted in news  by Carol Goldnerova
As Iam replying to all my e-mails today, all my members messages …. I simply have to post reply to my glory hole video (which is available inside
Hello Carol

As a great, great fan of you, let me tell you what i feel about this amazing video.

you are so amazing in this video.

Nobody,in th world get your sexual charisma.

Nobody in the wolrd is as beautiful as you.

I really really love your wild behaviour in this video.

I espacially appreciate when you stand up and then you are fucked by the cock.

it’s really wild and i like that.

many thanks. I enjoy to be a member of your blog.

Don’t forget. i am your little nothing.and i am your slave.

Sometimes, i dream you rape me and be a femdom.

I want you enforce your will.

PLease, Carol, promise me you will make another glory hole videos.

I really like that.

And hope your blog will live as long as possible.



Letter from my member

Posted in friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Good morning visitors,

I just decided to post a very nice litter Ive got from loyal member of my official members zone


Once upon a time, i found out a young cute czech model named carol on internet.

from this day, my heart is burning for you and i spent time to get more and more photos and videos.

Your body is an amazing dream for me.

From your hairs to your feet, i LOVE each part of your body, and your sexual behaviour.

Hopefully, one day, you opened your blog.

I wanna thank you to this brilliant idea.

I feel to spend time with you;

LOVE your videos and photos, and thanks to show your cute body and your iintimacy.

our curves makes me crazy.

I hope you enjoy read that.

Since i am a member of your blog, my behaviour is moving.

I become a kinky guy and i like that.

I think about sex all day long, think about you and have dream about you.

now, i wank my cock so much and enjoy to think about you when i do that.

I enjoyed cum for you in a video.

now, my mind is full of sexual ideas and gonna achieve many fantasies.

I am totaly hot, and wanna have sex.

You are my favorite femdom, Carol. I am under your orders, and wanna become our human sextoy.

you should RAPE me because i am your little nothing.

I am feeling so well when i survey updates on your blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my feeling.

feeling of a fan.




Boobs squeezing fetish

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Guys, I just discovered some new and pretty sexy looking fetish… a bit of boobs BDSM, tits bondage and just proper big boobs fetish which… I do have… And I do love watching these scenes when all these big breasted girls and MILFs are having her boobs squeezed, nipples pulled and … THEY LOVE IT! WATCH them in the HD videos here..

Watch all these interesting scenes HERE



Posing in classic ranch

Posted in free photos, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Yes guys… I do know how to enjoy the outdoor shooting and filming… this time I have choosen one from my all time favourite outdoor shooting on old and very nice classic ranch. Watch my big boobies hanging around while the bunch of guys were watching me while posing and video filming… it was more than exciting, I was thinking about all these hard cocks wanking during the evening and thinking about me…. mmm

Watch the whole scene inside my website



Glory hole update is waiting for you…

Posted in free photos, news  by Carol Goldnerova

WOW! One from the hardcore videos has been published and is now online for your streaming and download… and you better to see it really right away… Check out few actuall screenshots from the HD video update…

see the VIDEO inside


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