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Upcoming strap on updates

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

My dear fans! My lovely fans… I have the feeling that you simply need to see what you are missing if you are not member of my exclusive personal website where you can see, watch and download all my exclusive HD videos… This time I do have something really really special for you! My first 4k HD video in excellent quality with this big breasted makeup artist beeing fucked by really horny Carol… yes, I simply wanted to fuck her really really badly!! See the whole scene right here

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Comment from my loyal member Aaron

Posted in friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

I absolutelly love my members from my only one exclusive personal website , all of them! They are simply the best around, the best ever! See one from my latest comment from Aaon… and right here, right now on this place I have to say! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

Beautiful Carol :-) yes I sure will…..firstly we get acquainted on the back seat with some words and light forplay and teasing too hehe…. Quickly moving to french kissing, your hands move from my neck down to my pants. Teasing my cock with your fingers. I caress your body and legs, massaging your breasts while still clothed at this point. You than remove my top and i gently remove yours too.
Now grabbing your breasts with my hands, teasing your nipples than sucking on both of them and putting my fave between too.
Running my fingers gently up and down your back now. You then persist to remove my jeans/pants and underwear. Start to give me some head while I run my fingers through your hair…..
Its your time now, spreading your legs….. I lube up my fingers and gently tease and rub your pussy and clit. Then I tease you by kissing everywhere but your pussy, before finally eating you out and fingering too. This is sustained for some time…. About now with some more kissing and giving me head….. Then you let me fuck your tits with my cock…..
We move…. Missionary this time(note: never had a romp in a car yet haha) I move my cock on, in and up and down motion on your clit then finally… I’m inside you.
Wonderful warm is the sensation. You’re moaning as i go inside and out slowly to start…. Then gradually speed up, now moving to doggy style giving it to you harder….. Would you get on top of me? Decide ending??? After some time you reach your orgasm then I’m about ready.
You move off me, then I get up over you and fuck you’re boobs and you taste my cock at the same time. finally i cum over your tits and you suck the remaining cum out of the cock, while I play with your tits with my cock too….. Good kissin to finish and cuddle too. Rest hehe

Yours Aaron Xo
Love you Carol……


Playing with Busty Ellen

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Busty Ellen is well known czech starlet with incredible round and nice all natural boobies… you know… she is that kind of next-door girl which can ONLY surprise you and she does.. quite well to be honest! Watch her as my little “submissive slut” on a few preview pictures from my official members zone !

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Letter from my member

Posted in friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Good morning visitors,

I just decided to post a very nice litter Ive got from loyal member of my official members zone


Once upon a time, i found out a young cute czech model named carol on internet.

from this day, my heart is burning for you and i spent time to get more and more photos and videos.

Your body is an amazing dream for me.

From your hairs to your feet, i LOVE each part of your body, and your sexual behaviour.

Hopefully, one day, you opened your blog.

I wanna thank you to this brilliant idea.

I feel to spend time with you;

LOVE your videos and photos, and thanks to show your cute body and your iintimacy.

our curves makes me crazy.

I hope you enjoy read that.

Since i am a member of your blog, my behaviour is moving.

I become a kinky guy and i like that.

I think about sex all day long, think about you and have dream about you.

now, i wank my cock so much and enjoy to think about you when i do that.

I enjoyed cum for you in a video.

now, my mind is full of sexual ideas and gonna achieve many fantasies.

I am totaly hot, and wanna have sex.

You are my favorite femdom, Carol. I am under your orders, and wanna become our human sextoy.

you should RAPE me because i am your little nothing.

I am feeling so well when i survey updates on your blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my feeling.

feeling of a fan.




Boobs squeezing fetish

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Guys, I just discovered some new and pretty sexy looking fetish… a bit of boobs BDSM, tits bondage and just proper big boobs fetish which… I do have… And I do love watching these scenes when all these big breasted girls and MILFs are having her boobs squeezed, nipples pulled and … THEY LOVE IT! WATCH them in the HD videos here..

Watch all these interesting scenes HERE



Shakira Lynn shows her round ass!

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

WOW! Just look at this new babe on the block! Shakira Lynn jumps into my blog like experienced horny slut! And I have a strange feeling she really is VERY fuckable babe, look at her website where you can watch all her lovely porn photo and video scenes! WOW!

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Shelby Moon rocks!

Posted in free photos, friends  by Carol Goldnerova

WOW! It hasn’t been so long since my last post about popular czech blonde nerd Shelby Moon and I do have another exciting news for you… watch her nice tits fucking scenes inside her all exclusive


Shelby Moon gets her big naturals squeezed

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

Auuu auuu look at the MASSIVE wooden squeezer! That thing looks so scary, soooo scray and painfull… It makes me a bit excited too… See the blonde nerd Shelby Moon … she is nervous from the start, then gets a bit excited and then she founds out it makes her WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shocking!!! This painful thing makes her WET!

Watch the VIDEO here.



Sucking big boobs

Posted in free photos, friends, news  by Carol Goldnerova

I just love sucking her boobs! They are so tasty! See the whole scene inside my MEMBERS ZONE

Carol Goldnerova and Carmen Croft


Busty blonde Shelby Moon in corset

Posted in free photos, friends  by Carol Goldnerova

And here we go with big breasted czech nerd Shelby Moon again! Watch this czech busty blonde having fun on my balcony! See her all natural big boobs hanging on balcony where the whole street was watching these nice and all natural boobies… and you know what? Shelby acts like nobody was watching… what a great nerd! Perfect face with these glasses asking for some facial cumshot… (see her official website for this facial cumshot scene…)

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